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As a working meeting, participants (or their groups or centers) are expected to prepare materials in advance of the workshop. The goal of this preparation is to provide a background on the tools and challenges that the participants will discus  at the workshop. This preparation can include information about the tool challenges that the tools face in working with applications, or example application to which such tools may be applied.

Each participant (from the PSAAPII centers, the labs, and other attendees should provide a list of software tools (along with a single primary URL describing the tool) that:

  • They have developed/are developing that are relevant to exascale computing, or
  • They have used and with which they have experience.
  • They believe are missing as they go to CORAL type machines and eventually to exascale.

For each tool, a simple template (which will be provided) should be filled out. An example of such templates, as well as an interesting list of possible tools,is given at

• Each DOE Laboratory and PSAAPII center is requested to provide at least one such tool, and be willing to give a short presentation on that tool (see the“Short Presentations” in the schedule below)

• For each test case or software tool, the language(s) and required build environments must be provided.

• Should a participant not have a tool to present, a tool challenge should be presented instead. Such a challenge should be concrete and testable; for example, a sample code to optimize on a class of architectures or an algorithm to efficiently express with performance.

The workshop organizers will review these lists and may choose a subset of the suggested test cases and tools in order to eliminate duplication or overlap. A summary of the tools will be provided at least one month before the workshop. In addition, any participant may make a submission. Based on this information, session chairs will be identified for each breakout session. The session chairs are responsible for drafting a set of questions, leading the discussions, and presenting the breakout reports. It is not necessary to have a selected tool or test case to attend the workshop – the purpose of asking each participant to suggest a tool, challenge, or application is to support the working nature of the meeting.

Please upload your materials to this 2016 West folder in