Andrea Alberti


Andrea Alberti is a PhD Candidate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, working with Professor Panesi. Within the frame of XPACC project, his main objective is the modeling of Laser-Induced Breakdown (i.e. Laser-Plasma Interaction). He also worked on the development of a Thermochemistry Library for Plasma Coupled Combustion: the objective was the extension to plasma flows of a well known thermochemistry library developed for combustion application, Cantera. As a member of NEQRAD research group, his main interest is the modeling of non-equilibrium chemically reacting flows.

Andrea obtained a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Università di Pisa (Italy) in 2010 (with honors). The title of his thesis is “Analysis of the thermodynamic characteristics of cavitating flows”. He also obtained a MS in Aerospace Engineering from Università di Pisa (Italy) in 2013 (with honors). The title of his master thesis is “Numerical evaluation of the IXV Reaction Control System in-flight priming”. Part of this work was performed at ESA (European Space Agency, Paris), working within the Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle (IXV) team. His main task was the numerical investigation of IXV’s priming sequences through the realization of suitable models with the software EcosimPro.