8/25/2015Kyle & SamLab Internship Experiences
9/1/2015Andrew & ThiagoLab Internship Experiences
9/15/2015Scott & PurnimaLab Internship Experiences
9/22/2015Kunkn & CisnerosY2 UQ Plan + Model Reduction and Selection
9/29/2015Cory & LucaPlasma models and multirate integration
10/6/2015Matt SmithTesting Framework (+ Mesh Tool)
10/13/2015Ryan FontaineY2 Target Application
10/20/2015Vivek Kale & Simon GarciaGPUs + PlasComCM
10/27/2015Jonathan & LucaAxisymmetric Flame: Exp + Modeling Progress
11/3/2015Andrew & BurakE-field Numerics and Application
11/10/2015Tarun PrabhuJIT + X
11/17/2015 Jesse & Seung Whan Adjoints in PlasComCM + Challenges
12/1/2015Marco & AndreaLaser Induced Breakdown Models
Spring Semester 2015
5/5/2015Jesse CapecelatroBringing it all together: Simulations of plasma-coupled turbulent combustion in a 3D jet in cross flow configuration
4/28/2015Kyle MackayModeling Electrode Degradation
4/21/2015Cory MikidaMulti-Rate Time Integration in PlasComCM
4/14/2015Jonathan WangUQ Calibration of Kinetics Model
4/7/2015Scott HighEvaluating Particle-In-Cell Methods
3/31/2015Thiago TeixeiraAutotuning Strategies for Plascomcm
3/17/2015Tomoya WadaOn the Challenges of Quantifying the Ignition Process
3/10/2015Simon GarciaHeterogeneous scheduling using MXPA
3/3/2015Matt Wala Leap: Portable and efficient code generation for time integrators
2/24/2015Luke OlsonComponents of an effective multigrid solver
2/17/2015Wentao ZhangNew data structure and profiling updates to PlasComCM
2/10/2015Sam WhiteEmpowering the Runtime System: PlasComCM and Charm++
2/3/2015Bill GroppExascale Computing (and XPACC)
1/27/2015 Luca MassaPlasma modeling in an integrated CFD code
1/20/2015Ben ShieldsA General Edge Flame Eigenvalue Solver