WEST 2016 agenda in PDF format for downloading

Speaker Institution Title Time Session
Breakfast 7:45 AM
William Gropp Illinois Welcome and Charter 8:30 AM
Dave Richards LLNL Perspectives on Research and Production Tool Use from an Application Developer 8:45 AM Developer
Gabe Rockefeller LANL Present Use and Future Needs for Tools in Integrated Code Development 9:00 AM Developer
Mike Glass and Robert Hoekstra SNL Experience with Tools for Next Generation Platforms 9:15 AM Developer
Martin Schulz LLNL Production and Research Development Tools for Current and Future Platforms 9:30 AM Overview
Sam Gutierrez LANL Gladius: A Framework for Online Distributed Heap Analysis 9:45 AM Analysis
BREAK 10:00 AM
Scott Pakin LANL Optimizing Applications for Future Hardware with Byfl 10:30 AM Analysis
David Boehme LLNL Caliper: Enabling Performance Annotations for Context_Aware Performance Analysis 10:45 AM Analysis
Sanjay Ranka Florida Autotuning and Multiobjective optimization for CMT NEK 11:00 AM Pgming
Carter Edwards SNL Kokkos: Performance portability for next generation HPC 11:15 AM Pgming
Alex Aiken Stanford Legion: Mapping and Analysis Tools 11:30 AM Pgming
Andreas Kloekner Illinois Loopy 11:45 AM Pgming
Lunch 12:00 PM
 Andrew Lumsdaine Indiana The Matrix Template Library: A generic programming approach to scalable linear algebra libraries 1:00 PM Pgming
James Sutherland Utah Spatial Ops/Nebo: A Domain-Specific Language for Portable Solution of PDEs on Structured Meshes 1:15 PM Pgming
Lawrence Rauchwerger  Texas A&M Programming with Algorithmic Skeletons 1:30
 William Gropp Description of breakout charge 1:45 PM
Breakouts (5 rooms available) 2:00 PM
Breakouts continue 3:30 PM
Breakout report 4:30 PM
 Adjourn for the day 5:00 PM
Breakfast 7:45 AM
Arun Rodrigues SNL Performance Analysis and HPC System Simulation Tools 8:30 AM Analysis-Sims
Abhinav Bhatele LLNL Analyzing HPC Interconnects using Network Simulators 8:45 AM Analysis-Sims
Todd Gamblin LLNL Tools for Monitoring Entire HPC Centers: the Sonar Project at LLNL 9:00 AM Analysis-sim
Sam White Illinois Charm++ & Adaptive MPI 9:15 AM Runtime
David Hollman SNL DHARMA: Distributed asyncHronous Adaptive and Resilient Models for Applications 9:30 AM Runtime
 Abishek Kulkarni Indiana HPX-5 An experimental platform for exascale runtime system research 9:45 AM Runtime
BREAK 10:00 AM
Tarun Prabhu Illinois Moya: A JIT compiler for HPC 10:30 AM Runtime
Kathryn Mohror LLNL Scalable Checkpoint / Restart Library (SCR) 10:45 AM Runtime
Sam Gutierrez LANL QUO: Accommodating Thread-Level Heterogeneity in Coupled MPI Applications 11:00 AM Threads
Stephen Olivier SNL Qthreads: A library for lightweight threading 11:15 AM Threads
Dong Ahn LLNL HPC Debugging Made Easy: LLNL’s Debugging Tools Strategy 11:30 AM Debugging
Todd Gamblin LLNL Spack: A Tool for Managing Exascale Software 11:45 AM Other
Lunch 12:00 PM
Breakouts (5 rooms available) 1:00 PM
Breakout report 3:30 PM
Adjourn 4:30 PM